Shivangi Das

MA 22/23

Shivangi is an Indian-born service designer based out of London with a background in Architecture. This combination of Architecture and Service Design allows her to understand and develop solutions keeping a strategic and tactical view.  She brings a unique lens to her projects and is eager to experiment with new ways to inform the design process. She always takes a holistic and human-first approach during her projects.

Prior to joining the Royal College of Art, Shivangi worked as a Design Strategist in Hong Kong where she immersed herself in varied and challenging placemaking projects. She also positively contributed to a sustainable farm-to-fork hydroponic project in India. This helped her understand and implement a bottom-up approach to problem-solving based on human-centred design. Having worked with cross-functional teams, she finds multidisciplinary collaboration the core of the entire design process. The experience of working in diverse cultural settings enables her to understand the context and bring ideas with a fresh perspective. 

Final Project

Solo-Date aims to provide a safe space for users to learn how to better appreciate themselves through combining engaging solo activities and reflection techniques recommended by experts

WIP project 2022