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Boosting self-esteem for young people to build healthier relationships

MA 22/23
Well-being, Mental-Health, Connections

Solo-Date aims to provide a safe space for users to learn how to better appreciate themselves through combining engaging solo activities and reflection techniques recommended by experts

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366 million people worldwide are using dating apps to meet new people. However, online dating app usage brings negative consequences, particularly on mental health, such as negative self-image and diminished self-esteem. For young individuals, the journey of finding the right match often becomes a repetitive cycle of swiping and disappointment, as they struggle to establish meaningful connections due to their difficulty in opening up.

Our project focuses on fostering self-understanding and self-appreciation to boost users' self-esteem, enabling them to form healthier connections.


  • Low self-esteem triggers greater fear of rejection from others and holds people back from opening up.
  • Young people with low self-esteem don’t want to face their low self-esteem.
  • Even though young people are digital natives, they prefer building connections in person.

Design Direction

How might we help Gen Z to build self-esteem so that they can build healthier relationships


Our approach is to boost young people's self-esteem so they can form healthier and meaningful relationships. We want to help users improve their self-acceptance, normalize “me-time” and provide a space to form connections organically. 


Solo-Dates is a platform for users to date themselves, and appreciate themselves while providing a safe environment for cultivating genuine connections with themselves, and among people. 

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