Qi Chen

MA 22/23

Qi is a Product and Service designer from Fujian China. He always focus on user-centered design approach, and through empathy to explore users' pain points in life. He loves learning new things and thinking on their feet.

He works on Healthy care, Internet impact and Sustainable development which creates experiences for apps, service systems and industry design. He received training in Service Design, UX design and Product design from 2018-2023, and he is currently studying MA Service design at the Royal College of Art.

Final Project

The purpose of my project is to advocate for women to manage their own physical health during menopause, rather than solely seeking medical attention when experiencing symptoms of illness. Therefore, I am currently collaborating with A&N Chinese Medicine Clinic to provide a service based on the medical characteristics and principles of traditional Chinese medicine. This service aims to enable women to consistently use traditional Chinese medicine for long-term body management and enhance their well-being.

WIP project 2022