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A healthcare service for women during menopause

MA 22/23
Traditional Chinese Medicine, menopause women

The purpose of my project is to advocate for women to manage their own physical health during menopause, rather than solely seeking medical attention when experiencing symptoms of illness. Therefore, I am currently collaborating with A&N Chinese Medicine Clinic to provide a service based on the medical characteristics and principles of traditional Chinese medicine. This service aims to enable women to consistently use traditional Chinese medicine for long-term body management and enhance their well-being.


Currently, I am collaborating with A&N Chinese Medicine Clinic, a newly established innovative Chinese medical institution. They have two professional and licensed traditional Chinese medicine practitioners. They will provide me with their expertise and theoretical knowledge from a medical perspective. My role will be to connect their theories and techniques with the target users, addressing their health concerns and establishing a new local Chinese medicine service in London.

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The NHS (National Health Service) is a vast healthcare system that categorizes different diseases through pre-diagnosis by GPs (General Practitioners). However, due to limitations in diagnostic methods and inadequate healthcare resources, many individuals have begun turning to alternative medicine as a solution. Currently, alternative medicine serves as a supplement to public healthcare, offering a diverse range of treatment options.

Market Size

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), as a significant category in alternative healthcare, possesses a vast potential market size. With the growing demand for comprehensive health management, an increasing number of individuals are turning their attention to the effectiveness and holistic treatment methods of TCM.

Problem Statement

Most menopausal women tend to prefer more natural treatment methods, and since the NHS is unable to provide medical services to all women, they often opt for alternative private healthcare. Many of these women have had experiences with Traditional Chinese Medicine (CM) and speak highly of it, but they are unaware of its effectiveness in treating menopausal symptoms.



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