Patch Kusonjai

MA 22/23

Patch is a designer who wants to drive positive changes by exploring new possibilities among strategies, products and services across different sectors. Specialised in human-centric and systemic approach, she challenges complex problems with an empathic innovative perspective.

She always works extensively with process and analytical frameworks, tailoring service components to enhance experience of the service from end-to-end and to deliver high-level interventions that create meaningful impact for the overall ecosystem.

Engaging a speculative approach, futures design and future backcasting with service design methodologies, she is able to explore radical shifts and possibilities within the ecosystem creatively without any limitations, orchestrating pathways to better futures with stakeholders, clients and partners constructively.

Public Event 2023

Digital Nomads are a new generation of people who travel freely and work remotely. In a post-pandemic world, with a push towards remote work, there has been a redefining of work-life balance, changing values and dynamics, lifestyle and happiness. The digital nomad demographic is a significantly growing one and it is important for organisations to understand, align and support them.

Through our research, we realise that digital nomads face financial and regulatory concerns and our goal is to support them resolve these challenges so that it will enable them to pursue this inspiring journey. We are deriving inspiration from the Reverse Speculation approach provided by UBS and investigating how banks and financial services institutions can help digital nomads achieve holistic financial wellbeing and happiness.

WIP project 2022