Final Show: 3rd - 4th February 2023
MA 2023

Experienced in multiple projects in Inclusive design, creative thinker and excellent in story telling through strategy design, strong organisation skills with great team spirits, fluent in English, Mandarin Chinese. Been working in UX over 3 years, worked on various projects such as Heineken, Teamlab ,The Big issue etc.

Dreamer @Adobe personality

Final Project

"HiVE" by Haochen (Nicholas) focuses on the growing number of elderly suffering from HIV and the complexity of treatment associated with age-related health issues. Through extensive research, the project explores the stigmas, diagnosis experience, and lifestyle issues that can impede effective treatment. The solution takes a human-centered approach to multidisciplinary team care which provides a toolkit for monitoring progress, creating patient contracts, and offering medication advice through a service platform. While ambitious in its use of video calls between healthcare professionals, the business model is linked to insurance costs for medication. The project's ultimate goal is to extend this approach to other chronic diseases, though integration with existing healthcare systems and further work on the patient experience is still needed.

WIP project 2022


HIV stigma