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A private health insurance plan for PLHIV only

MA 2023

"HiVE" by Haochen (Nicholas) focuses on the growing number of elderly suffering from HIV and the complexity of treatment associated with age-related health issues. Through extensive research, the project explores the stigmas, diagnosis experience, and lifestyle issues that can impede effective treatment. The solution takes a human-centered approach to multidisciplinary team care which provides a toolkit for monitoring progress, creating patient contracts, and offering medication advice through a service platform. While ambitious in its use of video calls between healthcare professionals, the business model is linked to insurance costs for medication. The project's ultimate goal is to extend this approach to other chronic diseases, though integration with existing healthcare systems and further work on the patient experience is still needed.


Vitality Insurance is a leading provider of health and life insurance. With a focus on wellness and prevention, Vitality offers a range of innovative products and services designed to help individuals and families stay healthy and protected.

Their comprehensive health insurance plans offer coverage for hospital stays, surgeries, and medical treatments, as well as preventative care services like annual checkups and screenings.

In addition, Vitality offers life insurance policies that provide financial security for loved ones in the event of unexpected death or disability.

Vitality's unique approach to insurance rewards policyholders for healthy behaviors, such as exercising regularly, getting an annual flu shot, and quitting smoking. These rewards include discounts on gym memberships, free health screenings, and cash-back rewards for meeting certain fitness goals.

With a commitment to promoting health and wellness, Vitality Insurance is a trusted partner for individuals and families looking to protect their health and financial future.

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Imagine you are sitting in a doctor's office, suddenly receiving a diagnosis of HIV. The positive result you get makes you panic. You think your life will become a mess because of this. Every piece of information thrown at you is new and foreign; the decisions for your future now dictate how long you can live. You will be very sensitive about your condition, not even telling your parents or friends for fear that they might share this with people you've never met.

I was diagnosed with HIV 8 years ago. When I was diagnosed. The positive result made my life a mess. I thought that from now on, I'd be receiving huge amounts of information I'd never seen before; I had to judge my own decision-making and whether getting it right or wrong impacted how long I would live. It's incredibly stressful. I didn't even tell this to my parents. Why would I share this with someone who I've never met?

Based on the scenario above, imagine it is a health issue that you cannot get consistent advice on. As soon as co-morbidities start arising, you end up being treated in multiple ways by two different streams of care that aren’t talking to each other and may, in fact, be conflicting.

You're eager to figure it out yourself, so you start to learn about dietary products that increase your immune system and research more about the unknown side effects of the drugs you're using.

How might we intervene and integrate the current fragmented healthcare system to provide comprehensive care to tackle the co-morbidity and address the stigma of PLHIV for those ageing with HIV?

It will be a patient-centred, rather than system-led, model. It involves an individualised, responsive case-based approach, centred around a care plan developed with the patient's involvement, communicated to all relevant providers, and staff personnel whose responsibility is to coordinate care, monitoring and follow-up.

Vitality is a health plan provider with a deep commitment to universal coverage and healthcare reform. They help clients better manage their healthcare and encourage them to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

It will be a carrier for multidisciplinary teams. Due to the insurance contract, PLHIV does not have to worry about their information being compromised. Within the plans offered by Vitality, HIVE will add a multidisciplinary meeting approach to the original make-claim programme.

Let's see the new journey for our potential user, Milo. When he visits the Sex health clinic for his regular tests, he will receive an updated version of the testing checklists provided by Vitality at no cost to the hospital in order to help nurses better test Milo's daily status, including co-infections and vaccinations, lifestyle, cardiovascular screening/, cancer screening and mental health. The nurse then recommends that Milo join HIVE insurance based on the guideline report.

When Milo decides to join, he downloads the app and receives a HIVE contract kit with a unique QR code. When he has filled out and signed the contract, he will upload it online along with a photo of the checklist. After paying the monthly subscription fee, the guide will become part of his annual plan. It will also include optimised treatment for the patient, not limited to dental treatment and vaccinations.

After downloading the app, Milo can clearly see his schedule and set a reminder for him to take his medication. The drug interaction check function helps him to understand detailed information about his medication.

The Vitality consultant will contact him to follow up on the contract and regularly check the annual plan to see his health status.


To all doctors and nurses from the Grahame Hayton unit.

To my tutor, John Makepeace, and all the tutors from the course, for providing me with suggestions, guidance, and motivation throughout the project; to Clive and Carolyn, for organizing and supporting the cohort throughout the course

To Yabing Li(SOAS), Louise,Liz(CSM), Debby, Nina, and all interviewees and survey respondents who shared their experiences and dedicated time to this project.

Thanks, Kejin!

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