Natasha Lee

6 June 2022 - 12 June 2022
MA 2022

I am a designer, a genuine communicator who seeks to strike a balance between being logical and sentimental to solve the right problems and deliver smart solutions.

As a former architecture student, my design philosophy is to create meaningful, influential, and innovative spaces, and have consistently adopted an analytical human-centered approach. I am inspired to translate such design thinking into actions – to truly accommodate users’ needs. Therefore, I further pursued studies in the art of designing services and delivering influences. 

At RCA, I developed my personal practice to identify real-world needs, discover gaps in existing systems, and create tailored solutions. With my innate empathy, curiosity and vivacity, I aspire to transform services and experiences objectively with the right meaning. I currently work as an UX designer at PUBLIC, working to implement design thinking in transforming public services.

Final Project 2022

Cyched! is a service and community that takes Curious Newcomers, Anxious Not-So-Safers, Cautious Need-A-Refreshers, Cool Cafe Hoppers and Casual Neighbourhood Riders on thoughtfully-designed, safe and scenic rides in London, helping them get comfortable and confident with cycling, all while cruising around the city. Our mission is simple—to create a diverse cycling culture in London by enabling more people to cycle.

We leverage on the intrigue of place-exploration as the pull factor to encourage new and existing residents to get on bikes, and the assurance of a positive first experience to enable them to gain familiarity of their environment, regain cycling confidence and overcome their psychological barrier of cycling in London.

WIP project 2022

Conversation as a Practice is a framework that has been implemented into a pilot programme created by Catch22 that aims to reduce the number of individuals being recalled back to custody due to non-compliance with their license conditions. It enables probation staff to build positive perceptions around probation services among prison leavers as they are beginning their probation period, as well as equipping them with the skills to create more meaningful relationships with People on Probation. Based upon 10 weeks of research and working closely with prison leavers and probation staff, we have designed this framework to help facilitate meaningful dialogues through active listening and care.


The Power of Intention

How can we be more intentional in our design practice? How can we enable organisations to be more intentional in theirs as they face mounting pressure to move faster than ever to tackle global issues, yet if not careful, are at the very risk of creating even more of problems?

These are questions I seek to answer in my final project alongside my colleague Serene Yap.

If you're an organisation looking to be involved RCA Service Design projects and are keen to work with us as we embark on exploring this topic on intentions and care, we'd love to hear from you.