Miki Okumura

MA 22/23

Hi, I'm MikiI, Millennials visionary. My passion lies in speculative service design and developing a tolerance for uncertainty, known as negative capability.

I studied Art History in my BA and have gained experience in traditional Japanese advertising agencies and digital media (TikTok!). .

I aim to address the gaps between diverse groups, such as Millennials and GenZ, UGC and PGC, feminists and patriarchal systems, capitalism and degrowth, romance and logic. My goal is to contribute to the resolution of divisions and conflicts, fostering harmony and understanding among these groups.

Final Project

This is a speculative project about menopause in 2038.

The service, MIKIO is a transmedia storytelling platform that addresses the challenges faced by millennial females during perimenopause and menopause with a focus on empowering women to reclaim agency and embrace their body transition. MIKIO transforms their stories into captivating intellectual property (IP) across various media formats. By sharing these stories, MIKIO aims to shatter the stigma surrounding menopause and inspires females to confidently navigate this transformative stage of life.

WIP project 2022