Max Stilp

6 June 2022 - 12 June 2022
MA 2022

After a bachelor degree in sports and event management I was able to gain first experiences with design thinking at a consultancy in Frankfurt. After volunteering in India for a few months, it was clear to me that the Service Design course at the RCA should be my goal for the next two years. I will conclude the two instructive years with an exciting project in cooperation with the UN and my partner Maxpert GmbH. The focus is on UN's Sustainable Goal No.4 and the free provision of quality education in developing and emerging countries. 

Final Project 2022

How did this project come about and what is it about? My partner Maxpert GmbH is the leading training provider of classic, agile and hybrid project management methods and frameworks in Germany and has started the initiative Article26. The idea is to make regionally and internationally recognised skills and education accessible to disadvantaged people in developing and emerging countries, to make knowledge available that Maxpert has acquired over the past decades. Because one thing is clear, education is key to wealth, independence, autonomy and health. We live in a knowledge society and education is more important than ever, so that a reduction in the existing dependence of the global South on the global North is essential in order to to be able to develop their own country faster or prevent e.g. further refugee crises in the future.

The importance of education became clear to me personally not only during my various stays abroad and volunteering jobs in countries like India, but also through SDG4 of the 17 Sustainable Goals of the UN Agenda2030. It became evident to me that Maxpert GmbH, with its idea and vision for the future, is tackling an important problem and that I would like to contribute to the achievement of this goal through my work at the Royal College of Art. And I could best deliver the contribution by using the existing network of Maxpert GmbH and thus developing the concept of the service in Rwanda in Africa. 

WIP project 2022

Findi is a 1-year long employee benefit cum financial service that helps young people to start saving money at a pivotal moment in their lives, i.e. when they start working. It aims to help build healthy savings behaviours that can become the backbone of a healthy financial life.

Recall a time in your life when you made a behaviour change? What led you to do it? How did it benefit you? For most of us, self-reflection combined with a feeling of urgency/crisis pushes us to make changes in our lives, which are otherwise difficult, whether it's to quit smoking or switch to healthier foods. Behaviour change is crucial!

Our service design team at RCA, dived deep into behavioural factors that impend people from making good decisions about their money, saving their income or moving up the financial ladder. Combining these insights, principles of behavioural economics and the power of technology, we created Find, to help young adults reflect and change behaviours over time.

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