Lijun Chu

6 June 2022 - 12 June 2022
MA 2022

Final Project

lokaReboon is the service that supports people (manufacturers/hotels/balloon studios/individuals) to recycle used balloons to create new material 'lokaReboon', it includes: 

  • The online and offline recycling channels; 
  • A reward system records the user's activities of balloon recycling and incentivises users to join in balloon recycling; 
  • A customisation system enhances the product's added value and the user experience; 
  • Some events where people can experience creations from wasted balloons to better understand the value of recycling.

This service's value is raising awareness of balloon recycling and incentivizing users to recycle balloons. Provide online and offline channels for balloon recycling. Combined with the new material brand, this project shows the possibility that balloons can be recycled and reused.

WIP project 2022

SharinGo is a ride-sharing service that uses charging piles as pick-up points to help people with daily commuting.

It enables people to share the ride during commute, leading us to a sustainable future with electric vehicles. 

Charge, share, change. 

Our design raises people’s awareness of electric vehicles, building trust and connection in the community.