Lana Khan

MA 22/23

A professional designer with a passion for Service Design, I bring expertise in digital content analysis, AR/VR development, and UX/UI design. With a keen eye for improving user experiences, I have conducted UX audits and implemented enhancements for leading organizations like HUED and the Ministry of Energy in Saudi Arabia. My dedication to innovation and emerging technologies has allowed me to contribute to projects in Augmented and Virtual Reality at Taibah Valley. I am driven to create impactful solutions that elevate user experiences and foster innovation in the public sector and digital landscape.

Public Event 2023

The “Fantastic” project is dedicated to enriching the visitors of museums, and I’m working with The Fan Museum to create immersive storytelling experiences for their visitors. Through innovative and immersive experiences, my aim is to captivate visitors and create a deeper connection with the museum's collection of fans and to transport visitors into captivating narratives that bring the history and cultural significance of fans to life. With a strong emphasis on human-centric design, this project aims to revolutionize the way visitors engage with the Fan Museum, leaving them inspired and enthralled by the power of storytelling.

WIP project 2022


Fantastic - Creating inclusive experiences through storytelling