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Creating inclusive experiences within museums through storytelling.

MA 22/23
Museums , Storytelling , Interaction, Inclusive Design

The “Fantastic” project is dedicated to enriching the visitors of museums, and I’m working with The Fan Museum to create immersive storytelling experiences for their visitors. Through innovative and immersive experiences, my aim is to captivate visitors and create a deeper connection with the museum's collection of fans and to transport visitors into captivating narratives that bring the history and cultural significance of fans to life. With a strong emphasis on human-centric design, this project aims to revolutionize the way visitors engage with the Fan Museum, leaving them inspired and enthralled by the power of storytelling.


My collaboration with the Fan Museum has been a truly enriching experience. During my time at the museum, I had the pleasure of meeting with Mrs. Alexander, the founder, to discuss the rich history and operational aspects of the museum. The museum's staff will be reviewing and providing feedback on the design concepts I will be developing for this project. They have graciously offered their assistance in providing the necessary information to embark on our shared journey to revolutionize the way visitors engage with the museum's captivating collection of fans. It is a joy to work alongside such a passionate and knowledgeable team, and I am grateful for their guidance and collaboration throughout this project.

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Museums Atmosphere

Museums preserve heritage for future generations, promote lifelong learning, provide equal access to culture, and spread the values on which humanity is based. Their function in terms of social inclusion is also vital to help keep societies together, and they play a major role in both the creative and tourism industries. -UNISCO

Museums were founded in the past for reserving and sharing historical and cultural objects. They're also considered as educational institutions and repositories of knowledge. But nowadays the more museums use their public space for other purposes, the more this atmosphere would be dynamic and create new revenue streams for the museums. This is because one of the main challenges museums face is increased competition from other cultural and entertainment options, which have made it more difficult to remain financially viable. At the same time, the museum experience has remained relatively unchanged over the years, with traditional exhibitions and displays that may not fully engage and inspire visitors.


I started my research by visiting multiple museums in London, York, and Beverly. I visited large and small museums and my aim was to map and understand the museums and their visitors. I have conducted interviews to learn that visitors really struggle with many texts and information in the museum. They feel overwhelmed during their visits, especially when the museum has no interaction elements at all. I believe storytelling plays a huge role in the museum and affects the visitors' experience.

I'd gladly collaborate with The Fan Museum to explore the area of storytelling and apply it within the museum, while getting validation for my design concepts and receiving support and information to enrich my research. My project is going to be focused on the Fan Museum and its services and "How might inclusive storytelling open out the world of fans to a wider audience?"

The Fan Museum is dedicated to the art, craft, and history of fans from around the world. Each fan has a story, and in this project, I'm to explore how innovative storytelling can make the stories of fans reach a wide audience and create more engagement within the museum. In order to do this and to understand the Fan Museum, I visited the museum and was honored to have a meeting with the founder Mrs. Alexander where we had an insightful conversation about the museum industry and how the Fan Museum operates.


  • Admission fees cannot provide the museum with enough profit. Other revenue streams should be created for the museum.
  • There is a need for innovative ways to communicate with visitors and address diverse audiences.


As part of research, the following graphic was made to explore and empathise with stakeholders, especially visitors (as my project is focused on The Fan Museum services provided to its visitors). I've created a stakeholder map and user journey to define stakeholders and their roles and to understand the As-is journey to highlight opportunities for interventions that I will consider during the ideation phase.


I'd like to thank John Makepeace and David Eveleigh-Evans for their tutoring and guidance throughout the project.

I would also like to express my appreciation to my loving dad and mom for their endless support.

I am deeply grateful to have my husband on my side, who believed in me and supported me all the way.

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