Ke He (Chloe)

MA 22/23

I am Chloe Ke He, a service designer specializing in user research, strategic analysis, content design, and multi-disciplinary collaboration. 

Qualities such as observation, empathy, and rational thinking have helped me excel in identifying user needs and translating them into effective design solutions. And my communication skills and proactiveness make me a good team player. With an educational background in Russian language and literature, I give attention to the human aspects of design and the balance between humanity and technology. My commercial experience in e-commerce at JD and PepsiCo and my experience as a social media writer demonstrate my diverse expertise.

“Exploration and growth” is the definition of my whole experience as a service designer so far. During the four years of studying Russian for my BA, I explored various fields such as e-commerce operation, business development, and creative writing. I finally found my passion in service design. So I took the leap to join the RCA for more expertise and creativity. And I push myself to absorb knowledge like a sponge and practice what I have learned through all the projects and practices I’ve done here.

Public Event 2023

The Happy Living Alone project is dedicated to alleviating loneliness for young people living alone in large cities. Our goal is to turn the experience of lonely living into a joyful and fulfilling one, even within the confines of rental accommodations. Through innovative service design, we aim to help young urban dwellers embrace the state of being alone, feel a sense of belonging, and cultivate a self-sufficient life.

WIP project 2022