Kazuhiro Naito

MA 22/23

I am a policy maker and service designer passionate about innovation brought by science and technology.

Before joining RCA to study service design, I worked at the government of Japan for 6 years, leading impactful initiatives such as reform of an academic funding system and launch of a national program of research and development.

After six years in public policy, I took a leap to join the RCA, believing that design can be a powerful method to drive innovation and social change.

The year I spent at the RCA gave me extensive experience in service design and speculative design practice, as well as working with professionals from diverse backgrounds.

In the future, I hope to make an impact on society at the intersection of technology and design.

Final Project

While working, we are constantly forced to perform to be an ideal person as a professional.

Project managers, as key communicators in the workplace, always need to motivate their teams and satisfy their clients while meeting the demands of their superiors.

Such emotional labour is often under-recognised despite its importance in their business and its significant impact on their well-being.

We aim to raise self-awareness of the emotional labour they are performing and develop emotional management skills using an enjoyable approach inspired by Bingo game.

WIP project 2022