Juncen An

6 June 2022 - 12 June 2022
MA 2022

As the responsibilities and missions of designers evolve with the times, service designers are emerged with cutting-edge design thinking, working on transformative design in the social, economic and environmental spheres from a human and social perspective. 

Juncen An is such a service designer and design explorer, who has a strong passion for systemic design and design impact. She specialises in the challenge of breaking the mould within the norm, using design to open up the potential of business models and public services in different contexts.

Final Project

MYPACT is an impact buying service that provides a simple way to understand the environmental impact of your purchases. It rewards you for living a greener lifestyle and helps you benefit your community and the planet.

WIP project 2022

4-GP is a service formed by four guideline packages which focus on presenting possible improvements to be applied to the existing probation system structure to reduce recalls for offenders. The main focus is on the communication gap identified through extended qualitative research with the assistance of Catch22 studio, Probation Practitioners (PP), and People on Probation (POPs).