Hui liu

MA 22/23

A service/graphic/ux&ui designer

I enjoy to explore the various possibilities of life and immerse myself in the things I am passionate about.

I believe in the power of small.

Final Project

Mindful Potatoes, a service design initiative, targets food waste in homes, particularly among those living alone. By providing tools and resources, we empower individuals to adopt sustainable eating habits and manage their food, thereby cultivating a zero-waste kitchen. Through these small but significant behavioural changes, Mindful Potato seeks not only to help individuals, but also to instigate a broader societal shift towards sustainability.

WIP project 2022


Combating Waste with Joyful Experiences

In my project, "Mindful potatoes" I aim to tackle the problem of food waste in single-person households by promoting mindful and intentional food experiences. By improving the understanding and relationship people have with food, the project seeks to not only reduce food waste but also foster a healthier and more joyful approach to eating.

My approach integrates digital and community-based strategies. The digital component involves an application designed to assist users in managing their food consumption more effectively. This app will provide tailored recipes based on users' existing food supplies, track expiry dates to avoid wastage, and nurture a community of conscious eaters.

In the community dimension, I propose partnerships with local farms and grocery stores to offer customizable portions of fresh produce, addressing food waste right at the source and enabling healthier eating habits. I'm also planning to host interactive community workshops to engage individuals in mindful eating activities and discussions around food waste.

At this stage, I am actively seeking collaboration and support from partners who resonate with this mission. This includes local farms, grocery stores, digital developers, and experts in the field of food waste management. Your expertise would greatly help in making this project a reality, allowing us to collectively combat food waste and promote mindful eating practices.