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Mindful potatoes

Empowering single households to create 0-waste habits through joyful experiences

MA 22/23
Sustainable lifestyle, Eating habit, Food waste, Community design

Mindful Potatoes, a service design initiative, targets food waste in homes, particularly among those living alone. By providing tools and resources, we empower individuals to adopt sustainable eating habits and manage their food, thereby cultivating a zero-waste kitchen. Through these small but significant behavioural changes, Mindful Potato seeks not only to help individuals, but also to instigate a broader societal shift towards sustainability.


Mindful Potatoes is a service design initiative that aims to tackle the issue of food waste in households where people live alone. We recognize the challenge faced by individuals in purchasing appropriate portion sizes for their needs. To address this, Mindful Potatoes provides a community-based solution by offering pre-processed foods in small portions, accompanied by an efficient food management system. Our goal is to not only help individuals but also promote a broader shift towards sustainability within the community.

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Thanks to my tutor Richard Atkinso and Andrea Edmunds for their strong support and guidance on this project. Also thanks for the Food Bank and 兜着走 which provided us with invaluable resources and assistance.

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