Hoi Lam Ma

MA 22/23

I am a driven and passionate individual who centres my design practice around the principles of sustainability. With a strong emphasis on human-centred design, I strive to optimize user experiences while ensuring future sustainability. Collaboration and exchanging insights are integral to my working style, as I believe our diverse strengths are complementary and essential in creating innovative and sustainable designs.

Public Event 2023

Remote workers face creative blocks, digital fatigue, and disconnection from prolonged work in the same environment. They may not know the importance of breaks for productivity and lack support from their company to make changes to their work environment, making these issues worse.

We aim to help companies develop a work-life balance culture that supports remote workers. Fleen offers a nature-based well-being service package that empowers companies in London who wants to help their remote workers achieve work-life balance and improve mental health by providing an inspiring and relaxing outdoor working experience. Our package is designed to use the natural setting of the urban green space to enhance creativity, reduce stress, and create social connections.

Fleen encourages companies to recognize the positive impacts of nature on well-being and performance, creating a supportive work culture that prioritises the mental health of remote employees.

WIP project 2022