Haozhe Huang

MA 22/23

Hi, I am a service designer with a background in computer science. The projects I have undertaken all challenge the sustainability issues of contemporary society.I do design to find the profound potential of the service medium to drive positive aspects of these issues.

The economic structures and models that designers face today and in the future will be more complex; to be precise, designers have become applied science behaviourists.

I believe that as service designers we ourselves need to act as enablers and catalysts, improving our ability to set up scenarios with greater interpretive and persuasive power. This will help me to better exploit the relevance of all walks of life. I aspire to be a designer with qualities of openness, empathy and humility, combined with those raw, directly engaging, inquisitive and emotional qualities that bring a deeper, more human dimension to my design outcomes.

Public Event 2023

Coastal Trail is a groundbreaking transport sustainability and restoration project that aims to revitalise and support seaside tourism communities. Through its holistic approach, the project seeks to address the unique challenges facing the coastal region brought about by the resurgence of tourism, while promoting balanced long-term local economic growth and the development of cultural and creative industries.

WIP project 2022