Hanrui Sui

6 June 2022 - 12 June 2022
MA 2022

Hi, this is Jelly. I create service and product with passion. I used to work as a UI/UX designer in a leading internet company in China. I keep pursuing understanding user mentality and taking the research-driven approach. I hope to continue to focus on people-oriented belief, using service design experience and methodology to create impactful service experiences in the future.

Final Project 2022

MicroGallery is a matching-service between fine artworks and small public spaces. This micro-gallery enables the general public to enjoy the benefit of art as well as making art circulate from artists’ studios to a variety of public spaces.

WIP project 2022

For better-disciplined purchasing behaviour and to actually see the environmental impact of our consumption, Adidas INFINITY is a data visualization wardrobe service that directly supports manageable fashion consumption and brings joy through gamification.

While our customers can better manage their overconsumption, their avatars in our service enjoy more digital fashions, which also accelerates their personal well-being and a better understanding of the environment through Adidas’s existing assets such as sports engagement, brick-and-mortar stores and their market power.


Artist pathway

Creativity is valuable for society, and throughout history, art has consistently been a key signpost for human civilization. However, the pathway for sustainable living in the arts is difficult and vague. Pathways, like medicine or law, have enjoyed clear steps between education and employment since the Renaissance. We are keen to raise public awareness to the value of creativity by illuminating the artist’s pathway.