Emma Nadol

Final Show: 3rd - 4th February 2023
MA 2023

Creative type: Producer. Process is power.

Creative strength: Ability to make things happen.

Untapped potential: Balancing productivity with purpose.

Ideal collaborator: A dreamer.

Emma is a visionary creative producer from Germany who possesses a unique blend of technical and artistic skills. With a background in mechanical engineering, Emma had the foresight to transfer her talents to the field of communication design where she found her true passion - working in Service Design. Emma is a master at transforming complex and technical ideas into clear and captivating visualizations. Her design skills are diverse and versatile, ranging from traditional hand drawings, to cutting-edge Adobe Illustrator, coding, and back-end C++ animations. Emma’s greatest strength is her ability to bring concepts to life, turning ideas into reality. Emma is a true believer that process is power and that hard work and dedication always lead to success.

Final Project

Welcome to SPARK, an international marketplace for microgravity research. Step into a world of simplicity and endless opportunities, where researchers, scientists, and small companies can easily connect with launch providers, space agencies, and venture capitalists. SPARK empowers you to make your mark in the future of space exploration.

WIP project 2022

Our brand name is under a strict confidentiality agreement, thus we will use ‘Sustainable Pleasures’ below to represent our company. 

Our project is under a strict confidentiality agreement with Accenture Song who wishes to push our designs from conception to company. As a result of this partnership, the brand name, concepts, designs, prototypes, research and development, business plans, marketing strategies, and other proprietary information cannot be shared in the WIP Show 2023. 

Our service and product designs, which focus on the design and development of a new type of sex toy, have expanded the notion of sexual pleasure beyond traditional norms globally. The design of [NDA – brand name] revolutionizes the way we (society) think about sex toys, sexual pleasure, and communication around sex.