Dayna Booth

Final Show: 3rd - 4th February 2023
MA 2023

I’m a driven, multidisciplinary designer, who is passionate about using collaborative design as a means to improve people’s lives and the world around us. 

With a background in product design from Sheffield Hallam University, I have always taken a holistic, people-first approach with my creative thinking. Prior to pursuing my MA, I gained experience working as a product designer and a UI/UX designer at Jaguar Land Rover where I was involved in designing multichannel digital experiences. Throughout lockdown, I began to question where I could apply my passion for human-centric design in a deeper way. I came to realise that the majority of products that we encounter, specifically in sectors that interest me, are actually part of a larger service network. My awareness of design expanded to recognise its intricate and subtle nature. With a desire to develop a more innovative and empathetic approach to problem-solving and design, I found myself redirecting towards Service Design and the RCA. I have since developed a deeper desire and curiosity to understand users’ needs and complex systems, considering everyone involved to tackle the most complex challenges and influence positive change.

Now blending my diverse set of skills from product creation to service thinking, my passion is focused towards social and sustainable impact, health systems and the formulation of social cohesion. Playing a part in the development of a world in which all people belong and contribute to thriving societies is what inspires me.

Through my practice, I am committed to staying curious, chasing those “aha!” moments, and continually exploring the intersections of and expanding the boundaries of service design, strategic thinking, and human-centred design.

Final Project

Menopause is a natural phenomenon that happens to every woman. However, society is not prepared for when it emerges as there is significant lack of early exposure; it's invisible. The absence of premature menopause education and the lingering stigma in society causes many women to struggle through a natural stage of their lives.

As a woman, and from witnessing people in my close circle experience the effects of menopause, I felt inspired to delve into this landscape with my service thinking abilities. My goal was to discover new opportunities that would allow this generation of women to feel better supported and understood at this pivotal time in their lives.

From this, I created ‘Just, Pause’ - a wellness brand providing accessible educational and preparatory resources for pre-peri and perimenopausal individuals. 

Just, Pause offers a portfolio of mini-interventions that encompass the brands overall goal of positively repositioning menopause in society. With a range of early awareness cues, digestible resources, and a growing community, the components of Just, Pause all fit under the umbrella of positive perception & preparation.

WIP project 2022

EVE is a cooperative social enterprise aiming to promote and propel sustainable practices in the hospitality sector by creating visibility of better choices and actions through our platform and putting people, planet, and purpose before profit. EVE delivers as an environmental accreditor, by recognising and running initiatives to constantly improve industry practices collectively, a digital marketplace to connect eco-conscious customers to EVE-verified businesses, and a rewards program to reinforce choices.

Our project aimed to bring environmental value into the economic and social value exchanges of a night out, to create visibility for environmentalism within nightlife, and to make sustainability mainstream and fun. As change comes from the community, we wanted to convene and empower a collaborative community to want better and lobby for change, whilst ensuring the progression to a more sustainable and ethical hospitality industry.