Dayna Booth

Open Studio: 3rd - 4th February 2023
MA 2023

I am a driven, multidisciplinary designer committed to creating a better future through collaboration. Prior to pursuing my MA in service design at the RCA, I gained experience working as a product designer and a UI/UX designer at Jaguar Land Rover where I was involved in designing multichannel digital experiences. I have since developed a deeper desire and curiosity to understand users’ needs and complex systems, specifically targeting real-world problems that lead to tangible human-centred solutions.

I believe that design isn’t just about styling, it’s about delivering significant impact and strategic advantage. What I enjoy most about service design is the ability to see the complexity of the world through a new lens whilst fostering creativity. As creators, it's essential to not only grasp the needs of our users but also to acknowledge the interconnectivity of life. By comprehending how organisations and individuals function within their surroundings, we can develop more meaningful innovations, communicate more effectively, and generate greater value in a thriving society.

Through my practice and constant endeavour, I am committed to staying curious, embracing chaos, and continually developing my methods by exploring the intersections of and expanding the boundaries of service design, strategic thinking, and human-centred design.

final project 2022

WIP project 2022

EVE is a cooperative social enterprise aiming to promote and propel sustainable practices in the hospitality sector by creating visibility of better choices and actions through our platform and putting people, planet, and purpose before profit. EVE delivers as an environmental accreditor, by recognising and running initiatives to constantly improve industry practices collectively, a digital marketplace to connect eco-conscious customers to EVE-verified businesses, and a rewards program to reinforce choices.

Our project aimed to bring environmental value into the economic and social value exchanges of a night out, to create visibility for environmentalism within nightlife, and to make sustainability mainstream and fun. As change comes from the community, we wanted to convene and empower a collaborative community to want better and lobby for change, whilst ensuring the progression to a more sustainable and ethical hospitality industry.