Cihong Song

6 June 2022 - 12 June 2022
MA 2022

Hi, I'm Sara. I'm a service designer who is interested in the healthcare area. Meanwhile, I'm also an asthma patient and have always gotten sick in my childhood. I hope I could use what I learned in RCA to help more people and let them get better service in the healthcare sector. 

Final Project 2022

E.A.S.E. is the service that provides essential information and immediate support for the UK newly diagnosed non-severe asthmatics and their families to manage and cope with asthmatics events to reduce the death rate of asthma attacks.

WIP project 2022

QuickFacts is a collection of guides that compile information based on the most common needs and inquiries of the people on probation before, during, and after their journey. It aids in navigating the people on probation to comprehend their needs and the actions/steps they must take.



For my final project, I will be working with my colleague Huijun Huang to design a service for asthma patients. 

Do you know that in the UK 3 people die every day because of asthma attacks, but two-thirds of asthma deaths are preventable. Our goal is to design a new service to support asthma patients during an asthma attack and to convey the right and clear first aid information to asthma patients and people around them to prevent the death rate from rising. We already posted a questionnaire on the UK asthma support group, and get 100+ replies already. Later on, we will gather and summarize the data we got, and hold a workshop. We are looking for asthma charities to collaborate with, for getting more information and insights related to asthma. Meanwhile, the collaboration will be super helpful in the delivery stage to deliver our service to the right target group and let more people see it. In return, we will provide the data and insights that we got from our research.