Aditi Singh

Final Show: 3rd - 4th February 2023
MA 2023

Hi, I'm Aditi! Born and raised in India, I have a background in IT and UX Design.

While working in the IT industry, I realised that I wanted to do more with the creativity I have. Gratefully, one magical morning, I was dragged by a friend to a UX Design demo class. The empathetic design processes and human-centred approach caught my attention and my quest to learn more introduced me to Service Design and brought me here at RCA.

At most times, I am a Service Designer who designs with humans at the centre of my heart to bring all smiles and joy to people's faces. I am a multidisciplinary designer who aims to bring about an impact by solving people's complex problems. I am trying to learn a way to make social good and business co-exist in my designs. Inquisitiveness, creativity and compassion are my superpowers and keep them at the forefront of all my projects.

Other times, you will find me in awe of the beauty, wisdom and mystery of the Universe and fascinated by the stories that people, nature and places have to tell us every day of our lifetime.

Final Project 2023


A nutrition hand-holder for Colorectal Cancer patients. It is a nutritional data-driven platform that gives streamlined information and personalized recommendations, allowing emotional and experiential mapping associated with food. It helps create awareness at an early diagnosis stage by encouraging healthy and sustainable eating habits for patients. In addition, it helps patients recognize their personal nutrition patterns, helping them re-establish their relationship with food.

WIP project 2022

See It. Hear It. Watch It.

NuroMinder helps neurodiverse individuals see, hear, or watch details about the small steps they can take today to improve their credit scores and create greater opportunities for tomorrow. NuroMinder is created using a new Neurodiverse Design Language that is based on the use of sound, infographics, shapes, colours, and opacities to deliver information in a way that works for people who think differently.