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Market Funsize

Sustainability for the business, users and greener future

MA 2022
inclusivity, less consumption, marketplace, environmentally sustainable, business model

The market Funsize is a service designed to challenge people's differing perceptions regarding sustainable lifestyles. 

Although an environmentally sustainable future cannot be achieved without the effort of every individual on Earth, still many people think being sustainable is a type of lifestyle only for those who can afford expensive options when choosing items such as foods or clothes which are produced in organic ways. 

Therefore this project aims to change the public conception of a sustainable lifestyle and encourage people to participate in an environmentally sustainable way of living.


As Funsize tries to be as inclusive as possible, the service needs to be as easy to use and accessible as possible to anyone without barriers. Tiplinker, a voice-based real-time platform, gives advice regarding technology and insight into usability.


<organic and luxurious lifestyle> were the most common and yet unexpected keywords that came up among 48 interviewees from the question: "what do you instantly feel, or what do you think when you asked, 'what is environmentally sustainable action?'"

Although environmentally sustainable lifestyles should be a topic on everyone's mind since, without every individual’s effort it is hard to achieve a greener future, there are people who think this is not relevant to them or do not know what they should do exactly. There is an imbalance of knowledge among people regarding the topic.

The challenge

Therefore, this project puts <inclusivity> first. Not only is the usability of the service inclusive, which is commonly regarded in service design, but also inclusivity of lifestyle, users, and items.

Problem Statement

How might we encourage more people to get involved in an environmentally sustainable lifestyle?

The mission is to motivate individuals to consume less to reduce the amount of waste in landfills, as well as promote the idea that a sustainable lifestyle does not have to be an expensive lifestyle, but a fancy way of saving money.

The service solution

Funsize is a platform where you can sell even tiny ordinary items. 

Although the basic function is a marketplace, it is designed to encourage less consumption. 

The main feature of the service learns your shopping habits by collecting your shopping data and gives you advice or suggestions on what to buy (and how much of it). 

As inclusivity is the key to the service, the aim is to include every minority group in the service. Therefore, thanks to my sponsor Tiplinker, multiple technologies were implemented for the service for ease of usability.


Special thanks to the tutor, Emily Boxall for guiding me throughout the entire journey and Clive Grinyer for giving me assurance regarding the direction of inclusivity; Joon Kim from Tiplinker, the partner of this project, for valuable feedback and continuous support.

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