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Long-term service for independent creators to preserve, reuse, and publish digital content

MA 2023
Digital Content; Preserve; Reuse; Publish; Independent Creators

Hermitage is a long-term service for independent creators to preserve, reuse, and publish their digital content.

The origins of my project are that I thought the increasing isolation of social media platforms deviates from the initial concept of the World Wide Web, which aimed to create an interconnected, accessible, and collaborative human information and knowledge space. With the collapse of some platforms, these personal digital contents have just faded away. I don't want people to lose their digital content and memories. I want to create a service that would allow people to show their granddaughters all their digital content from their younger days when they are older. Let's imagine digital life thirty years from now, there is a high probability that both Twitter and Instagram will cease to exist, and even the appropriate device for presenting tweets may no longer exist. Therefore, Hermitage would like to empower users to take control of their digital content by providing a self-owned, comprehensive, and user-friendly solution. By addressing the challenges of digital content impermanence, fragmentation, and isolation, I hope that my services will help create a more interconnected and accessible digital world.

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Hermitage aims to break free from the traditional confines of folder systems; each fragment in Hermitage thrives in a paradigm of 'Everything, Everywhere, All at Once.' A single file can now exist in various subsets through the application of multiple hashtags, thereby creating and waiting to infuse more meaning and vivacity. It is inspired by the concept of a digital garden, a comprehensive web space that accumulates and explores personal knowledge over time, fostering collaboration, interconnectivity, and the sharing of ideas. I have added digital content preservation, reuse, and publication to the original intent of personal knowledge sharing in the digital garden.

People now have the ability to create digital content very easily, but most people haven't thought about how to preserve the content they create. Just like humans did not become human until they learned how to preserve fire after they discovered it.

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