Ledge is a Social Enterprise working alongside adolescents in prison, looking to transform lives through movement and wellbeing.
Students involved
Cecilia Santucho
Sarayu Agarwal
Ministry of Justice
A Cross-Government Approach to Supporting Young People in the Criminal Justice System
Working with the emerging Secure Schools, design a holistic, end-to-end service that considers the entire scope of needs of young people in custody. By supporting and rehabilitating young people, ensure that multiple government departments meet young people’s needs and work together to deliver a robust, holistic set of services.

Ledge is a social enterprise that provides wellbeing services to customers and organisations across England; while it trains adolescents in prison (called Secure Schools) using movement and wellbeing as a way of redemption, healing, and starting a new chapter in their lives as professional trainers.


Ledge is for adolescents serving their time in prison who are willing to start a new path in their life, and are eager to become professional trainers upon release, either working with Ledge, independently or for other fitness, sport and wellbeing enterprises. But it also helps individuals and organisations who are willing to reduce social stigma and want to generate social impact by generating job opportunities and new beginnings for adolescents upon release.


Ledge, together with our beloved clients and adolescents, want to build a more positive, tolerant and inclusive society. We know that movement and wellbeing is a powerful way to build resilience, connections, and new dreams. We know that the challenge is big, only 25% of adolescents find a job upon release, and those who don’t are 50% more likely to reoffend. And there is evidence that indicates that sports and wellbeing reduce the reoffense rate by more than 50%.


For adolescents serving their time in prison, Ledge designed a cutting-edge and intensive learning programme where they are trained by highly specialised professionals in a combination of theoretical and practical training, along with on-the-job work experience, which allows them to be fully prepared to take the official certifications and become a professional trainer. For our clients, Ledge provide fitness and wellbeing services, delivered by our graduates, through three different pathways. Go Local - We welcome clients to subscribe to one of our Wellbeing Hubs if they live in neighbourhoods of a secure school. We offer a wide range of fitness and wellbeing classes, delivered by our professional trainers at a very subsidized price since they help Ledge students to acquire work experience. Go Solo - For individuals looking for wellbeing services across England, Ledge offers a wide range of fitness options through a mobile application, where you can choose your preferences, know our trainers, book, pay and enjoy! Go Corporate - Ledge offers corporate services to organisations that are willing to provide wellbeing activities to their employees and generate direct social impact.

special thanks:
We are grateful to the Ministry of Justice for this project opportunity. We’d like to extend heartfelt gratitude to The Institute of Criminology, University of Cambridge, for enlightening conversations and debates. We’d like to thank Philip Emery, director of 2makeit.org for sharing his time and experience of designing rehabilitation services through education, art, and creativity. We would also like to thank the staff and family of Clink The Restaurant in HMP Brixton for sharing their experiences. And special thanks to those having enjoyed training sessions delivered by ex-offenders for sharing their experiences and championing the change.
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