JBDS-OPEN is a service for healthcare professionals that aims to attract internal and external wisdom through an open-challenge channel, developed by the Joint British Diabetes Society. It engages with hospital staff and societal resources, so they can collaboratively solve the problems in the medical system in order to deliver better diabetes inpatient care.
Students involved
Yuewen Yu
Joint British Diabetes Society
Helping healthcare professionals deliver more effective care to patients who have Diabetes.
Diabetes patients are at increased risk in hospital treatments and existing guidelines are complex and difficult to access in emergencies. Design an integrated service proposition that refines the guidelines and considers the best means by which they could be delivered to users in their different contexts.

JBDS-OPEN is an open challenge platform developed by the Joint British Diabetes Society. With an open challenge guide provided on the JBDS-OPEN website, people can better define the problem by identifying the stage of the process and the people involved. They might be able to find similar issues submitted by others, or they can add a new challenge. The Joint British Diabetes Society can help with marketing expertise, thanks to its huge network and influence, and it can also take the lead on team-building by looking for internal ideas and external resources. For example, hospitals that are dealing with the same problem, could potentially use crowdfunding to invite designers or consultancies to solve it. With JBDS-OPEN professionals and hospital leadership could create more collaborative solutions that could potentially feed into the guidelines.


JBDS-OPEN is designed for healthcare professionals engaged in diabetes management in UK hospitals. These professionals are frontline practitioners, Diabetes specialist teams and hospital leaderships. When they meet challenges related to Diabetes inpatient care, referring to diabetes guidelines is not always the best way to solve the problems. JBDS-OPEN could help them to be more open and collaborative through problem-solving.


We interviewed the diabetes specialist teams in 3 hospitals -- Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, Conquest Hospital in Hastings and University Hospital Southampton. We realised not only that individuals have their various working styles, but also that different hospitals have their own culture, which means not all the hospital leaderships are aware and enthusiastic of Diabetes management. As a result, it is challenging to adopt the JBDS guidelines in different hospitals and to get feedback on how professionals are using them in practice.


JBDS-OPEN brings design thinking into the medical system so that professionals not only can provide suggestions with guidelines, but more importantly they will be able to understand the challenges of different roles or different hospitals and solve them practically. At the same time the Joint British Diabetes Society, as an authoritative Diabetes professionals group, can also attract external resources interested in diabetes management. JBDS-OPEN builds a co-creation environment, so that healthcare professionals and talents outside the medical system can collaborate, generate their own ideas and solve the problems together.

special thanks:
Diabetes specialist team and surgical team of Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, Diabetes specialist teams of Conquest hospital in Hastings and University Hospital Southampton.
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