Culturo is a startup workplace tool that uses AI and employee wellbeing data to generate bespoke behavioural rituals for companies to intentionally build inclusive cultures.
Students involved
Shamim Bakhit
Helene Benz
Paulien van Rijckevorsel
Telefonica Alpha
Solving chronic stress in the workplace.
Chronic stress is becoming a global public health crisis with costs for both employees and employers. Select a problem area and develop a service to help users understand the levers of their own mental and physical wellbeing and help them build resilience and take action to prevent stress.

Culturo is a startup workplace tool that uses data and AI to create bespoke office rituals to increase employees’ sense of inclusion. Through weekly micro-surveys, inclusivity-oriented behavioural rituals, and company cultural standups, Culturo captures employee needs and turns them into actionable change - resulting in a happier and more productive workplace.


Culturo is for employees, most directly diverse employees, to articulate their cultural needs in the workplace. It’s also for founders and leadership teams to lead cultural initiatives from the top-down.


Diverse employees face increased instances of bias and exclusionary behaviour in their workplaces, reducing their individual wellbeing, their ability to express themselves, and their ability to contribute as an employee. Startup founders are so focused on growth and typically don't build an intentional, inclusive culture, which results in low employee retention, reduced productivity, and lost business opportunities.


A weekly micro-survey gathers data on what employees' needs are in order to feel included and supported in the office. Their negative experiences are flipped into a behavioural ritual, 'Ritual of the Month', as well as a 'Cultural Standup', in which the founder leads a ten minute standup touching on cultural needs within the office. The data collected in the survey is aggregated into a data page, where everyone in the office can understand the impact of inclusion on productivity.

special thanks:
A special thanks to the Alpha team, as well as all of the women, diverse employees, and founders that shared their stories.
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