Zoe Jia Xiong

Final Show: 3rd - 4th February 2023
MA 2023

I doodle, I take pictures, I record videos, and I make sculptures. I am a service designer with a background in contemporary art (Bachelor of Fine Art at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago). Born in Beijing, thrived in Chicago, and based in London.

I am a maker that loves to create things that bring happiness to people through my design and my art.

Living in an era where all things are intertwined either directly or indirectly, the answers to many issues lie in service design, and design endows me with the ability to change people’s life. I see designing as a tool for me to better understand the world and help me to connect with other people through a better lens.

I create, therefore I am.

Final Project 2023

Drip is a behaviour-changing service that enables more sustainable choices in fashion, developing people’s identity and supporting smaller, ethically focused fashion brands.

The team developed an alternative journey from current overconsumption and related environmental and personal financial consequences.

The use of smart image recognition, computer vision, and AI technology helps inspire, discover, and curate personalised fashion choices and is driven by a carefully targeted, designed, and intuitive system.

WIP project 2022

White Eagle Appeal, a non-profit organisation that has been active in volunteering to help Ukraine since the early days of the war, has a strong volunteer base that has helped many of these refugees. These volunteers have worked hard from the early stages of figuring out how to operate to the more stable system they have developed today. This time RCA and Hellon have joined to help WEA to provide better help to these refugees with their existing resources. In order to achieve this, our group hopes to achieve these aims without increasing the current workload by understanding volunteers characteristics from their perspective. Building a volunteering experience programme, which is redesigned to allow for more effective coordination of volunteer skills and efforts, enhanced motivation and engagement, improved communication and collaboration, and increased support and loyalty.