Zhenying Cui

MA 22/23

Zhenying Cui is a service designer with a background in product design. She has always been fascinated by technology and the remarkable design of innovative products and services. Zhenying believes that a smart and subtle intervention can also have a significant impact when seamlessly integrated into people's daily lives.

During her bachelor's studies in industrial design and her UX internship at LinkedIn China, Zhenying primarily focused on designing for the direct user. However, she came to the realization that a single product alone cannot create a truly delightful end-to-end experience for people. The product itself is just one touchpoint within the system. Not only the product should be designed, but the whole process should also be designed to meet the needs of all users/stakeholders as effectively as possible at every single step. 

This realization prompted Zhenying to delve into the expansive realm of service design, where her aim is to focus on the organisation and planning of people and communication in order to create optimal digital service quality.


Design thinking, UX design, service design methodology, user research, Agile working, strategic thinking, prototyping, 3D modelling

Final Project

Inspiration is a spark that ignites the creative process. It fuels imagination, encourages exploration, and generates new perspectives.

Capturing and harnessing inspiration is a goal for many creative individuals, as it allows them to channel their ideas, thoughts, and emotions into meaningful expressions and creations. However, designers and artists, people working in creative industry are often faced with challenges during the process of capturing and utilizing inspiration, because of the nature of inspiration. Therefore, our project aims to gain a deeper understanding of the journey and hopes to create a better experience for designers to capture, organize, and utilize it.

WIP project 2022