Yuexi Liao

MA 22/23

My efforts are aimed at creating a society that is more just, inclusive, and opportunistic. As a social designer, I aspire not only to earnestly address problems but also to promote societal change through designing solutions. Through our work, we are dedicated to bringing hope to marginalized groups and establishing a fairer and more humane social order.

Final Project

We focused on the issue of helping homeless individuals with pets reintegrate into society. Through extensive research and interviews, we shattered the stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding homelessness, realizing that they are often victims, facing innocent attacks and frequent theft. Homeless individuals with pets face even greater challenges, as society often fails to understand and accept their bond with their animals. Consequently, they receive less assistance than their non-pet-owning counterparts, and caring for their pets adds a financial burden. Despite their circumstances, these individuals possess a strong sense of responsibility and are willing to reintegrate into society with their pets, but opportunities are scarce.

WIP project 2022