Yifan Geng

MA 22/23

Hey I'm Yifan! I am a multidisciplinary designer and user researcher from China, hoping to understand the complexity and connectivity of stakeholders to create impact and value. Before coming to the RCA, I worked as product manager helping traditional industry with digital transformation in Shanghai. I also worked as a user experience researcher with various partners from various sectors including tech, automobiles and publishing. Studying at RCA has helped me practice applying different methodology with user centric approach in order to connect, understand and design for users, by leveraging the joint force of all stakeholders.

Public Event 2023

Sprightly plus is a program proposal to Pharmacies that enables pharmacy staff to start easy and social conversation with elderly of risk of malnutrition to identify these conditions at an early stage and raise awareness in the community, as well as promoting the public acceptance of OTC oral nutritional supplements (ONS).

WIP project 2022