Yanyan Wang

MA 22/23

I'm Yanyan Wang , a cross-disciplinary designer from China.

My undergraduate background is in sculpture and my experience in 3D space creation has given me strong three-dimensional thinking and divergent thinking skills.

For the previous five years, I worked as a visual designer in the innovation department of a Shenzhen urban planning and design company. This work experience introduced me to multiple models of creative thinking and made me aware of the importance and inevitability of innovation.

The multiple experiences across disciplines have allowed me to combine divergent and logical ways of thinking in my projects.

Final Project

ECO-CO is a natural-based Canal-Community collaborative service system to establish a long-term sustainable pathway between the London Canal Organization and the community.

It connects three target stakeholder groups: Community centres, Residents and the Canal CIC. Positively impacting communities with nature and wellbeing by promoting the engagement of canal activities.

In this project we are really delving into the people, communities, canals and their relationships in the Hoxton area of London to develop canal related activities for residents in the communities surrounding the canal. We are now constantly trying to facilitate pathways to connect the community with canal events and organisations to enable residents to lead healthier lifestyles.

WIP project 2022