Yanjiao(Jessie) Li

MA 22/23

Yanjiao is a multi-disciplinary designer with strong empathy and place-based thinking, who conduct many multidisciplinary projects relating to space and human behaviour across industries.  She understands complex issues from a systemic level and takes action to make a real impact by designing with stakeholders.

After graduating from Fuzhou University in Industrial Design, she worked as a UX designer in the new retail industry and deepened her understanding of consumer behaviour in physical and digital space. She improved consumers’ perception of laundry service and increased the NPS by 4.2 by designing digital interfaces and standardization of promotional materials.

This year, with stronger system thinking and a passion to foster a fairer society, she focuses on a research area that combines placemaking, community, and nature. WelComm is her first project that designs for green space equality, aiming to empower everyone with equal benefits from nature. During the process, she sees herself as one of the community members, grows her understanding of the issue and co-creates with local residents and organizations in Islington.

Research interests: Placemaking, Social innovation, Nature, Sustainability

Final Project

WIP project 2022