Xinuo Wang (Noora)

Final Show: 3rd - 4th February 2023
MA 2023

Hi, I am Noora, I am a Service and Branding, Identity Designer at the Royal College of the Arts in London (RCA).

Influenced by IDEO, I switched from visual communication design to service design, following a human-oriented design and believing that design can change everything.

I hope that each of my works can be PURE. SIMPLE. POWERFUL.

Final Project

Easy+, A family-like assistant to help elderly people simplify their daily relationships with modern society.

We aim to break isolation to ensure that an increasingly diverse portion of our population can access services that promote long-term benefits. This will enable elderly individuals to transition from a state of independent or dependent living to one of interdependence within a thriving community.

WIP project 2022

FANSEE is a service for football clubs that replaces traditional seasonal jerseys with one pair of (home and away) fixed jerseys made of recycled materials. It allows the users to customise their jerseys digitally on their portable devices, and display such unique identities via Augmented Reality, which further engages fans to build a more sustainable future for football collectives.