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Empowerment, Engagement and Exploration

MA 2023
#Social-care #Social impact #Empowerment #Independent #Design on aging #Integration design

Easy+, A family-like assistant to help elderly people simplify their daily relationships with modern society.

We aim to break isolation to ensure that an increasingly diverse portion of our population can access services that promote long-term benefits. This will enable elderly individuals to transition from a state of independent or dependent living to one of interdependence within a thriving community.



During our project, we undertook extensive research which involved conducting interviews with older individuals, engaging with professional organizations, and actively volunteering with the assistance of AgeUK, among other activities. Through our investigation, we discovered that presently, 50% of the elderly population faces the risk of social isolation, with a third of them experiencing varying degrees of loneliness. Given the undeniable reality of our ageing society, addressing the issue of isolation has become an urgent imperative.

After a few rounds of workshops and interviews, we discovered:


#Lack of technical knowledge is one of the main reasons for social isolation

#Today's tech is fragmented, complex & overloaded with functions for the elderly

#The desire of the elderly is to connect with friends & community & themselves

#They enjoy keeping things under control but can still explore new things



Round 1: Introduction and User Research

Introduction: Welcome the participants and provide an overview of the workshop's objectives.

Icebreaker Activity: Encourage participants to share their experiences with technology and any challenges they face in terms of isolation.

Presentation: Discuss the importance of user-centered design and the significance of understanding the needs of elderly users.

User Research Methods: Explain different techniques for conducting user research, such as interviews, surveys, and observation.

Group Discussion: Engage participants in a discussion to gather insights into the specific challenges faced by elderly users in relation to digital isolation.

User Persona Creation: Collaboratively create user personas based on the collected information to represent the target audience.

Round 2: Ideation and Concept Development

Brainstorming Session: Facilitate a brainstorming activity to generate ideas for an app that addresses the needs and challenges identified.

Idea Prioritization: Help participants prioritize the generated ideas based on their relevance, feasibility, and potential impact.

Concept Development: Guide participants in refining the selected idea and developing a concept for the app.

User Story Mapping: Collaboratively create a user story map to outline the key user interactions, features, and flow of the app.

Feedback and Iteration: Encourage participants to provide feedback on the concept and iterate on the design based on the suggestions.

Round 3: Design and Prototyping

Introduction to App Design: Introduce the principles of user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design for mobile apps.

Wireframing: Demonstrate the process of creating low-fidelity wireframes using design tools or pen and paper, focusing on the app's key screens and functionality.

Prototyping: Showcase different prototyping tools and guide participants in creating interactive prototypes of their app designs.

Usability Testing: Explain the importance of usability testing and guide participants in conducting simple usability tests with their prototypes.

Iteration and Refinement: Encourage participants to gather feedback from usability tests and make iterative improvements to their app designs.

Presentation and Feedback: Provide an opportunity for participants to present their app designs to the group and receive constructive feedback.


During prototype testing, we gained valuable insights from elderly individuals that have influenced Easy+'s future direction.

One key finding was an elderly lady's experience at a community craft event, where she felt out of place among younger participants. This highlighted the need for an Easy+ community where she can connect with peers. Additionally, a clear and organized presentation of event information is crucial, as confusion often leads to overlooking important details, as mentioned by one gentleman. This directs us towards creating a user-friendly interface that simplifies information for better comprehension. Some interviewees expressed security concerns and anxiety about getting lost when attending community events. This emphasizes the need for an elderly-friendly navigation and operating system that ensures their safety and helps them reach their desired destinations with ease. Our research also revealed that while elderly users prefer typing over the use of voice assistants, they still rely on voice assistants for simple tasks. This prompted us to adjust our service to prioritize typing while maintaining support from voice assistants, catering to their preferences and making our platform more accessible. Word-of-mouth referrals from friends and family hold more influence over the elderly than advertisements. This finding highlights the importance of fostering a strong sense of community within Easy+ and encouraging satisfied users to spread the word; making word-of-mouth marketing a key strategy for our future growth. Elderly users approach new software with reservations and often seek assistance from their children to navigate it. They prioritize finding relevant information, such as staff availability and accessibility, but struggle with instructional text. This informs our approach to user onboarding, emphasizing simplicity, intuitive design, and personalized support to improve their overall experience with Easy+.

Overall, our ideation received positive feedback, and there is genuine interest among the elderly in trying our service. Armed with these insights, we are confident in our ability to refine and enhance Easy+ to meet the unique needs of elderly individuals, providing them with a family-like assistant to simplify their daily interactions with modern society.



To break isolation to ensure that an increasingly diverse portion of our population has access to services that promote long-term benefits.

This will enable elderly individuals to transition from a state of independent or dependent living to one of interdependence within a thriving community.


How might we collaborate with the elderly: breaking isolation, fostering a balance of independence & empowerment in their lives, as well as meeting their daily needs and helping them better engage with modern society without burden?


Easy+ focuses on catering to the needs of the elderly. Our aim is to provide a senior-friendly experience that feels natural and accessible. When you visit our home page, you'll immediately notice a clear display of upcoming events. This serves as a helpful reminder and enables users to navigate quickly to the desired activity location. To ensure ease of use, we have identified four key interactions that are essential for seniors: Contact, Tutorial, E-Service, and Map. 

To help seniors manage their schedules effectively, we have categorized them into four sections: events, services, family & friends, and ongoing recommendations. This categorization simplifies the scheduling process, allowing the elderly to stay on top of their commitments. 

When you choose ongoing recommendations, we provide customized filters that enable them to discover a wider variety of activities to enjoy during their free time. When seniors join an activity, the event details will include all the necessary information they need. This includes transportation details, accessibility features like step-free access, etc. Once they join an event, the details will be automatically added to their calendar without any extra steps required. 

Easy+ also incorporates a senior-friendly navigation system. Seniors can effortlessly find their way to their destinations from the home page or event details section. We’ve simplified the location settings by offering pre-set reserved locations to choose from, eliminating any complexity. The navigation includes the route with real-time alerts for potential road hazards such as uneven roads, busy intersections, areas under renovation, and areas without lifts. To provide additional peace of mind, seniors can share their journey with family members at any time during the process. 

In the tutorial section, we not only boost seniors' confidence in using Easy+ but also encourage them to explore and learn about other modern technologies. This empowers them to navigate different technologies.

Easy+ Community is an exclusive tech community for elderly individuals. This platform enables them to share experiences, seek support, and learn about new technologies together. We provide ongoing support and training within the community, helping seniors engage with modern society without feeling burdened or isolated. In our E-Services section, we cover essential areas such as banking, healthcare, and pension. These services are tailored specifically for the elderly, providing direct access to the necessary services without overwhelming them with irrelevant information. Service details are automatically added to their calendar, eliminating any extra steps.



Easy+ aims to enhance user desirability by catering to the needs and preferences of elderly individuals. We understand their motivations to be summarized into three key aspects.

Firstly, simplification is crucial. Easy+ focuses on simplifying daily routines, making their lives easier and more manageable.

Secondly, provides an all-in-one solution by integrating essential functions into a single app. This saves them time and energy by eliminating the need to navigate through multiple applications.

Lastly, personalization is vital. Easy+ offers personalized event recommendations, allowing elderly individuals to have control over their daily lives while receiving guidance when needed. This helps them create a flexible and enjoyable daily schedule.


Easy+ joint calendar feature showcases events using different shapes and colours, with simple graphics such as purple to represent medical schedules.

Furthermore, Easy+ fosters a technology community that encourages elderly users to share their experiences and newfound knowledge. This promotes a sense of connection, boosts confidence, and helps them feel more engaged.

Lastly, ongoing events facilitate the systematic collection and filtering of activities, providing all the information that matters to them. They can choose events that align with their interests, achieving a balance of empowerment and independence. By addressing these aspects, Easy+ ensures a user-friendly and engaging experience, empowering elderly individuals to avoid social isolation, take control of their lives, and experience a sense of fulfilment.


Easy+ aims to combat social isolation and improve the quality of life for elderly individuals. We collaborate with healthcare organizations, government services, and technology companies to enrich our solution and serve our customers, including elderly individuals, families, caregivers, and healthcare organizations. Our revenue comes from monthly subscription and licensing fees, while our costs include technology development, marketing, and customer support.

Our goal is to foster a sense of belonging within communities and provide a simple solution for the elderly population.


This project would not have been feasible without the invaluable assistance of our tutor and mentor, Judah Armani.

Furthermore, we would like to express our gratitude to the personnel at Age UK for granting us the opportunity to serve as volunteers and conduct in-depth research, as well as for offering valuable feedback on this endeavour. We also extend our appreciation to the Chelsea Pensioners, whose inspirational insights and invaluable advice greatly contributed to the uniqueness of this project.

Lastly, we would like to offer our sincere thanks to Clive, Carolyn and Richard for their steadfast support throughout this undertaking.

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