Xiangjie Li (Olivia)

MA 22/23

I am Xiangjie Li (Olivia), a Service/Product designer from China.

I come from a background in product design and have gained experience in several areas that align with service design. I have experience in areas such as marketing strategy, branding, and product design, and have worked with a research-driven non-profit design agency. Throughout my journey, I have developed a keen interest in sustainable design, equity-centered design, and the integration of innovation with business thinking.

My motivation stems from a strong belief that the economy should serve humanity. With this in mind, a significant portion of my work has been driven by a vision to contribute to a more equitable society while adhering to the principles of human-centered design.

Furthermore, I approach service design with a sense of openness and adaptability. I aim to leverage my design thinking and avoid prematurely confining myself to a singular path. I firmly believe that every industry and every technology share a common aspect: they serve humanity. Placing humanity as the top priority is inherent to being a designer. We possess the ability to utilise any technology or product to illuminate the essence of humanity.

Final Project

Our project focuses on addressing the issue of impulsive spending among neurodiverse and Gen Z individuals. With approximately 40% of Gen Z exhibiting impulsive spending tendencies and 27% diagnosed with ADHD, it is crucial to understand their unique cognitive differences and challenges in regulating behaviors.

By gaining a deeper understanding of their needs, we aim to develop targeted strategies and interventions to promote responsible financial behavior. Through research and collaboration, we strive to empower these individuals to overcome impulsive spending habits and achieve greater financial well-being.

WIP project 2022