Wensi Li

6 June 2022 - 12 June 2022
MA 2022

Final Project 2022

WIP project 2022

To meet the climate goals, over half of the cars on the UK's roads need to be EVs by 2032. We intend to design a platform that will allow residents to apply for the installation of public charging points.  The platform will act as a bridge between the residents and the council. Although most UK councils already have similar application channels, different councils have different platforms, processes and criteria, which causes confusion for users. In the service ecosystem built under the prototype and vision we have designed, users will be able to add an application directly on a map with a click, and the council will share the results of the data collection. Ultimately, users will have a unified platform for applications, communication, checking progress and viewing technical and legal constraints.

We hope to convince councils to adopt this platform, with the potential benefits of increasing insightful feedback by weakening barriers of requesting and reducing the cost of dealing with user enquiries and complaints by increasing transparency of information. EV & potential EV users are very keen to co-creatively participate in the planning of public charging points. With proper guidance, people are immeasurably creative.


Art Factory, where Art is Productised

We are thinking about how might we link more ordinary artists and manufacturers through the process and strategy of service design, making this service closely related to their collaboration. and how might we incubate artistic cross-border products that benefit the artist and the manufacturer, protects the rights of both, and benefits them more.

 we are booking some interviews with some artists and manufacturers to define the problems in the cooperation process. Research on a large number of artists to find our target artists. Then, we will brainstorm more general products that can be combined with artists' designs, analyzing their current situation and the possibilities of combining them.