Weichen Ye

Final Show: 3rd - 4th February 2023
MA 2023

My name is Weichen Ye, I want to bring a warmer experience to the user through service design. Passionate about sustainable design and commercial service design. In the future, I will keep working further as a service designer.

Final Project

Sober Lab is an on-site alcohol-free social experience in partnership with a group of flat chains, founded by three students from RCA Service Design.

We established a pop-up bar social experience service, with Ziroom Apartment as the representative brand flat partner, building collaboration between apartments and non-alcoholic drinks.

We believe that a sense of belonging in the neighbourhood is always more tangible than a big new city. We hope that our service will help our users maximise their limited energy in their spare time working, and to feel happiness outside of the struggles and stresses.

At present, Sober Lab is working on further refining its business model and is trying to reach out for cooperation.

Let’s get involved and Start to meet the fit within reach.

WIP project 2022

In this project, we identified people's concerns about climate change, especially for the younger generation, who will have to live with the long-term effects of our present actions or inaction, which can be recognised as climate anxiety. It can create barriers to engage in climate action, as people feel overwhelmed with negativity and struggle to enact real change.

So 432 Habitat was created. A digital audio service with climate healing and real actions, which encourage Gen Z & Gen Alpha (who have to co-exist with climate anxiety for decades) to value and treat climate anxiety. Thus, helping people beyond paralysis and into action.