Wei Huang

6 June 2022 - 12 June 2022
MA 2022

"Passion for shaping a better future, for innovation, for possibility."

I’m trusting that ‘design’ is not just a tool or skill for designing, which is an ability to keep thinking insightfully and critically, to maximise the value of positive impact for any level of problem-solving.

Technically, I think the designer is a macroscopic resource operator, which means they always need to discover and understand the root of the problem or phenomenon behind any demands, then create or adjust better solutions for the exact problem by their knowledge of any resource use and combination.

Wei Huang was born in Shenzhen, China, He currently lives in London, and studied BA in Product & Industrial Design at Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, China. He has 3 years of working experience in rebranding and social innovation research, and has interdisciplinary projects and works experience (collaborative or client projects for NHS, Ernst & Young, Dark Matter labs, etc.) based on service design methodologies in the UK. He is a graduate of MA in Service Design 2022 at the Royal College of Art, London, UK.

He is a professional thinker exploring the root of problems and potential opportunities from macroscopic and microscopic systems, also exploration for future signals and social development. Recently running 'The Engine 59' to record some speculative insights and conceptual ideas by individual thinking and research. Through the exploration of new materialism and the development and application of different design theories, he continues to empower, create and optimise the relationship and structure between human society and the environment through design.

What's next?

The exploration will definitely keep going as a personal passion and social contribution, also globally looking for job opportunities to apply practical thinking and design skills for different industries. And there are some strategies and concepts that will be implemented in short term based on constant validations, please feel free to contact me if curious and willing to discuss and share.

"The Engine 59" should be formed as a strategic organisation from the global scope and diversity of backgrounds, to explore the future of work and collaborative problem-solving through the human thinking database and the innovative methodology building.

"Global Resource Station (GRS)" starts from the insight of the global environmental crisis, which is the public platform to show resource data visualisation within different dimensions. And that is aimed to rethink for human responsibility of living on Earth, via a more materialize perspective to describing the resources(elements) already been used.

Final Project 2022

Shift Happens is a medium that co-creates future jobs with emerging talent and companies. Our main goal is to create and bring more human values into future jobs by removing the difficulties of the old-fashioned job-hunting into something more mutually respectable whilst eliminating the historical biases during the recruitment process. Making it fairer, reducing inequalities and encouraging a transparent process fit for the needs of the business in the transformation phase and emerging talents.

WIP project 2022

Vision is an end-to-end service that helps people effectively manage their savings and start making early investments to build a financially sustainable future. It provides users with the necessary tools and information while facilitating an aided behavioural change to make better financial decisions.