Tongxin Shen

MA 22/23

Tongxin is a multidisciplinary designer who brings together a unique blend of expertise in business and psychology, with years of experience in designing engaging experiences and consultative strategies across industries including B2B, Fashion, Digital Art, Non-profits, Food & Drink, Tech, and Banking. Along with her diverse academic background, Tongxin is also a global citizen with international experiences living in 10 cities across US, UK, and China. 

Being the co-founder of DXPOS, the world's first realistic-grade 3D AIGC platform startup, Tongxin identifies herself as a forward-looking designer and dedicated entrepreneur. Passionate about pushing boundaries and embracing challenges, she always believes in blending insights and inspiration to drive impacts through business

"The human mind is a beautiful chaotic mess." Amidst the immense changes of the era, she deeply believes that human-centered design is a catalyst for empowerment that can revolutionize industries, drive social progress, and transform lives. By fearlessly embracing the 'chaos', we have the power to shape a future that is both beautifully messy and undeniably impactful.

Previous Education:

Business Administration B.S. & Psychology B.A. at the University of California, Berkeley (2018-2022)

Final Project

As one of the UK's top economic contributors, the number of nightclubs has halved since 2019. This severe decay of the nightclub industry is a massive blow to the economy and negatively impacts the society, leading to the loss of social cohesion, decreased social well-being, and neglect of creative culture.

This project aims to learn from the evolution of the nightclub industry, explore and innovative new clubbing experiences, break down mental barriers for the non-club-goers, and at the same time preserve the timeless, core values.

As the project output, our goal is to expand the nightclub’s services by tailoring to the needs of the post-pandemic generation in order to attract and engage a broader audience, revitalizing the nightclub industry.

WIP project 2022