tim yao

MA 22/23

As an aspiring service design student at the Royal College of Art, I draw inspiration from my personal journey, encompassing the irreplaceable beauty of home and the profound significance that airports hold in my life. Airports have become my modern-day sanctuary, where I find solace and nostalgia. They bear witness to my joys, sorrows, and transformative experiences, serving as conduits to my dreams. Understanding the power of commitment, I recognize that it finds its way when the timing aligns perfectly. London's multiculturalism has taught me the value of respect for others and oneself.

Now, as I embark on my journey at the Royal College of Art, my goal is to transform my experiences into tangible value through design. I aspire to create meaningful experiences that address real-world challenges and deeply resonate with people. Each project will draw upon the power of beauty, the sanctuary of airports, noble virtues, and lessons learned from sports. The Royal College of Art will provide the platform to explore, experiment, and collaborate, shaping a future where design seamlessly merges beauty, functionality, and empathy. Together, we will create transformative experiences that inspire positive change.

Public Event 2023

Our AI-powered recommendation system aims to assist the chief purser in optimizing the allocation of flight attendant positions.

By leveraging advanced data analysis and computing capabilities, our solution enables quick decision-making by providing comprehensive recommendations based on factors such as experience, skills, and performance data.

WIP project 2022