Shweta Amale

MA 22/23

Shweta, an innovative visionary born in India and residing in London, possesses a remarkable combination of technical expertise and design acumen. With a background in engineering and coding, Shweta recognised the boundless potential in applying her skills to the dynamic field of experience design. Proficient at navigating abstract and uncertain territories, she excels in bringing clarity to her team.

With over 8 years of experience working alongside cross-functional teams, Shweta has handled design delivery while taking charge of project discoveries and inceptions. Her diverse skill set spans from traditional paper sketches to interactive prototypes. However, it is her exceptional ability to navigate complexity that truly sets her apart.

Shweta's dedication to her craft is fuelled by her firm belief that the process holds immense power. She understands that success is born from hard work, resilience, and commitment.

Expertise: Service design, Design research, Design Strategy and consulting, conceptualising, UCD approach, process optimisation, information Architecture, usability testing, cross team collaboration.Coming from tech background also aids Shweta in understanding the feasibility and tech implications of her designs

Public Event 2023

Our UniConnect service design project aims to create a transformative and engaging platform for first-year university students in the UK. Recognising the challenges faced by students in transitioning to university life, UniConnect focuses on facilitating connections, fostering social engagement, and supporting personal and professional growth. 

As a society, we celebrate independence and individuality. Through UniConnect, we also aim to celebrate seeking help and support.

By leveraging the principles of service design, the project aims to deliver a seamless and meaningful user experience, empowering students to form connections, find support, and thrive in their university journey.

Additionally, the UniConnect service will help universities to ensure the right resources and solutions are invested in to create maximum impact.

WIP project 2022