Shuting Jin

Final Show: 3rd - 4th February 2023
MA 2023

🦋 I am Shuting Jin, a user experience and service designer.

🤍 Over the past few years, I have been exploring product design, information experience and new media, which has allowed me to look further along the path of service design learning.

🖤 It is fascinating and meaningful to use service design thinking to dig out problems, make changes with small interventions and link people with the world.

Final Project

Taiwan has a high pet population with a large pet-related product market, however, Taiwan's pet healthcare food market size is smaller than the global average. This is due to its monopoly-like market structure. Pawfect designs a service strategy to help pet healthcare food businesses to enter and engage in Taiwan, in order to maximize Taiwan's pet healthcare food market. This would finally lead to healthier pets in Taiwan.

WIP project 2022

OMO is a service that helps children spread their creativity during play. It builds a creative ecosystem connecting the community with children's creativity. 

OMO’s service is split into three stages: 1. Collect 2. Collaborate 3. Spread. The service first collects the creative artwork that children create during play. Then uses it to collaborate with other playgrounds and the communities. Lastly, it would spread this idea and connection to a wider audience, such as industries. 

Through this service we aim to encourage children’s creativity during play while using this creativity as a tool for social cohesion.