Shuai Du

MA 22/23

As a service designer, Shuai Du's primary objective is to leverage her creative endeavors in order to facilitate individuals in cultivating a heightened sense of sensitivity towards the intricacies of daily existence. Furthermore, she aims to safeguard their inherent entitlement to embrace a 'go with the flow' ethos, thereby navigating the convolutions of contemporary society.

With a solid foundation in engineering from undergraduate studies and a design background from graduate studies, she has successfully amalgamated the principles of logic and precision inherent to engineering with the ingenuity and nonconformity characteristic of design. In the realm of service design, a discipline that emphasizes systematic thinking and holistic approaches, she is able to effectively leverage her interdisciplinary collaboration skills and critically analyze problems from multiple perspectives.

Shuai finds great pleasure in engaging in discourse surrounding the interplay between technology and human existence within her projects. While some contend that design simplifies life, she believes that design's very presence is instrumental in enhancing the capacity of technology to serve humanity more effectively. Particularly in this epoch of rapid technological proliferation, it is incumbent upon designers to critically contemplate the intricate dynamics between technology and the fabric of human society. Rather than succumbing to a passive acceptance, individuals should be endowed with the agency to actively select the typologies of technology and determine their manner of integration into the tapestry of our lives.

Everyone should be the designer of their own life.

Final Project

Inspiration is a spark that ignites the creative process. It fuels imagination, encourages exploration, and generates new perspectives.

Capturing and harnessing inspiration is a goal for many creative individuals, as it allows them to channel their ideas, thoughts, and emotions into meaningful expressions and creations. However, designers and artists, people working in creative industry are often faced with challenges during the process of capturing and utilizing inspiration, because of the nature of inspiration. Therefore, our project aims to gain a deeper understanding of the journey and hopes to create a better experience for designers to capture, organize, and utilize it.

WIP project 2022