Shreeya Regmi

MA 22/23

I am a London based multidisciplinary designer from Nepal and Thailand. I received my BFA in Communications Design from Pratt Institute in New York, where my focus was utilising design as a communicative tool for social and cultural applications as well as a medium to relay personal experiences.

When I am not in studio I enjoy baking, collecting old movie posters, making perfect playlists and curating extensive lists.

As a designer, I believe I bring a compassionate yet critical lens to my work. With global exposure and curiosity around the human condition, I am constantly seeking to understand the motivations of others (as well as myself) during decision making processes. This curiosity is what lead me to start my journey as a service designer. 

During my time at the Royal College of Art, I have had the opportunity to explore the world of service design in a deeper capacity and expand my skillsets as a designer. Through working within a variety of challenge labs from Social Impact to Healthcare, I have recognised how this growing understanding can be applied within a range of situations and scenarios. 

Moving forward, I hope to continue working on innovative projects within environments that prioritise the user in an intuitive way.

Public Event 2023

Due to the lack of accessibility to information, open conversations and early awareness - the stigma around menopause remains an ongoing issue within South Asian communities both in the UK and origin countries. This project explores the problem addressed and aims to alleviate it through themes of language, community building, inclusivity and accessibility.

Vision Statement: Make information more accessible within the South Asian diaspora to help reduce the stigma surrounding menopause

WIP project 2022