Shi-Tong Chen (Shirley)

6 June 2022 - 12 June 2022
MA 2022

I am a multi-disciplinary creative enthusiast dreaming to apply ethical design to solve real problems. Currently based in Hackney, London.

A seemingly winding path has led me to pursue Service Design at the RCA. Having studied fashion and worked in the art and design industry for the past decade, I grew out of interest in pursuing or promoting design that merely focuses on the look or sales. What is the meaning of design? I began my contemplation and seemed to find my answer in the mission of service design: to solve real-world problems.

During my time at the RCA, I got stimulated by the endless possibilities of design, yet also realised the constraints of it. I will continue my adventure and hope to bring more positive change that transcends the boundaries of design.

Final Project 2022

Shift Happens is a medium that co-creates future jobs with emerging talent and companies. Our main goal is to create and bring more human values into future jobs by removing the difficulties of the old-fashioned job-hunting into something more mutually respectable whilst eliminating the historical biases during the recruitment process. Making it fairer, reducing inequalities and encouraging a transparent process fit for the needs of the business in the transformation phase and emerging talents.

WIP project 2022

TIMO, a human-centred data platform, connects drivers and communities across a dynamic network of 25,000 local UK chargers. We are shaping a smooth transition to EV and a zero-carbon future worldwide.