Santiago Garcia

MA 22/23

Passionate about creating unforgettable experiences and developing new social and professional relationships. Skilled in F&B operations, hotel management, project management, financial reports, experience design, user research & live music events.

Final Project

This project seeks to revitalise and preserve the underground electronic music scene by addressing several complex challenges that exist today. Through extensive primary and secondary research, we have identified the underlying and most prevalent issues that stakeholders are facing. Furthermore, the accelerated evolution of the scene into a increasingly commercial multi-billion-dollar industry has caused a deterioration of the implicit foundational values upon which the scene was created. As the scene grows and evolves, so do these core values. Therefore, based on these values, our project design principles prioritise community over profit, enable artistic development within local communities, ensure inclusivity and accessibility, promote diversity and social progress, strive to make transformations that will have a real impact, and seek cultural innovation by pushing boundaries.

WIP project 2022